About RCY

RCY is a powerful framework that asks us:

Are my thoughts, feelings, words and/or actions hurting me, others and/or the Earth?

If the answer is yes, then it is time to do the work…

The inner work.

The unique, simple, direct pictorial presentations of RCY help open you to beginning the inner work.

They show that:

  • where you are putting your energy is the life you are creating for yourself and others.
  • where we as a society are putting our energy is the life we have/are creating for our world.

It is that simple.

 It is time to connect, to empower ourselves and to consciously create a rich and abundant future world.


RCY’s mission is to help people remove the invisible layers that have built up around them that disconnect them from the power inside of themselves so they can truly enjoy the magnificence of simple life itself.


Creation of conscious, empowered communities connected back to each other and Earth, where children and families feel safe physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, creating the kind of communities we all want to live in.



Honouring people for the complete individual that they are.


Honouring the invisible energy  that is felt, that connects all.


Listening to the truth that comes from within, not from intellect.


Our 3 major programs

DSS Dry Straight Sober

We cannot truly connect to ourselves, to others and to Earth when we use substances. DSS shows you why.

Red Cream Yellow

This simple framework applies on so many levels, helping open us to living  our own simple, honourable, truthful  life.

New Project Coming Soon

We are very excited to be launching a new project in 2019. Keep an eye out on our website for more information.

About Lisa Bickley

About Lisa Bickley

RCY Founder

Lisa’s passion is to allow individuals to see that living lives of purpose, meaning and being conscious of the whole, is the way that we find the peace which needs to be brought to life on Earth and to help allow Earth to restore itself.

 The RCY concept revealed itself to Lisa through a unique opportunity for her to provide a safe learning environment (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) to a group of children. The results were powerful. Lisa is continuing to adapt and apply the RCY principles to everyday life.

 Lisa’s direct approach challenges individuals to look within, to open and to rise. Lisa has the ability to see, and invoke, the hidden potential within others.

Welcome to the World of Red.Cream.Yellow

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